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Weird Playlist of Funny Things

Giu-Box is a strange sequence of funny performances: a show where visual comedy, stupid juggling, and musical performances alternate on stage to surprise and entertain the spectators. A box of varied interventions, physical, musical, unfortunately spoken, pleasantly provocative, sweetly salty, innocently mischievous. Everything and nothing shaken in the same void of stupidity, to be more precise.
The Clown as you have never imagined him to be.

Giubox is a one-clown-show suitable for all ages and possible in any location. The show is designed to offer the public varied entertainment, maintaining a universal and immediate language.

A completely autonomous show, it adapts to open spaces and closed places; if at night, it is recommended to choose a well-lit space for the show, Giu-Box will take care of the rest.

Giubox does not present particular technical requirements for its creation by the organization.

– Scene: Minimum space 6m x 6m

– Lights: in the case of an evening show, adequate lighting of the performance space is required

– Audio: autonomous. In the case of particularly large locations, an audio amplification system adequate for the turnout of the public is required.